Codecue Certification Ceremony

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Codecue Intership program is a 4 months dedicted skilled program for students in which they learn digital skills, how to work in a professional environment, latest tool and language that are high in demand, different aspects of software development, proper practices and interpersonal skills development. This program create number of opportunities and job openings under Codecue. Codecue is working hard to create skilled human resources ready for the market and providing many opportunities to the students.

Certificates given to students for completion of their course at Codecue. Experience letters and Certificates were given to internee for completing their interships (4 months) at Codecue.

Haider Ali .

Muhammad Sajjad .

Basit-ullah Khan .

Saifullah Khan .

Shayan Ahsan .

Muhammad Nadeem .

Bilal Khan .

Imad Sajid .

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